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Welcome to Building 13
2nd floor


Welcome to experimental condensed matter physics @ MIT! Our faculty, postdocs and students investigate condensed matter quantum phenomena in a variety of physical systems ranging from low-dimensional semiconductor and carbon nanostructures, to strongly correlated electronic materials. In addition, several faculty have extended their research interests into biophysics and atomic physics. The study of condensed matter phenomena often requires an interdisciplinary approach and we frequently collaborate with chemists, material scientists and engineers at MIT and throughout the world.

Our faculty are members of the Department of Physics, which is headquartered in building 4 at MIT. Here on the 2nd floor of building 13, we share space with the Headquarters for the Center for Materials Science and Engineering. Many of our researchers work with the Materials Processing Center. You should familiarize yourself with the various Centers at MIT that take part in Materials research. A complete list of the centers can be found at the Materials@MIT website.

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