Residents of President’s Day Town love to reminisce about the various groups who have visited the White House.
ASome Rose Garden visitors
BSoup for a foggy day? (2 wds.)
Schmancy TV option, once (2 wds.)
CBird that gets plucked in a tongue twister
One source of spring steel for lock picks (2 wds.)
DSalad for lunch, say (2 wds.)
A tale told by a campfire (2 wds.)
EIt increases your purchasing power when traveling overseas (2 wds.)
What gen-X teens used to play Menudo (2 wds.)
FProcess of introducing element 80
GFour or eight celestial bodies, depending on your source (2 wds.)
Someone who aggressively believes in their bridge partner’s bid
HGive a response on behalf of (2 wds.)
Circuitry at WBZ’s transmitter (2 wds.)
ITake the graveyard shift (2 wds.)
Peevish or testy (or how someone might feel about our bizarre choices for clues, say)
Bleaches, particularly in toothpaste
KLawn chair after a blizzard in Boston, say (2 wds.)
Divot, for example
LSome Rose Garden visitors
Red blooms
Atkinson whose “Blackadder” had a Comic Relief Red Nose special about in 1988
Back and ____, like the motion of in an engine
50-yard dash, e.g.
French term describing two identical triangles
Gave up in exchange for goods, as one does with, moolah, or do-re-mi
How like to go it
Like fruit past its prime
Live broadcasts may show one instantly
Olympic swimming great
Savory gelatin dishes
Titled women like Maggie Smith, who played one of the in the Harry Potter franchise
Where tots come from?
Wiped out
White blooms
Anthem word after “the red”
Book in which the lands of the might be found under “Ireland and U.K.”
Cell block device?
Counts (on)
Distinguishes cows from, for example
Hispanic woman
Opines in 140280 characters or less
Partner of hook and line
Rugged mountain crest where might live
Blue blooms
Fonda’s Cat
Like some feedback on your phone
Lines of control, often used by someone wearing
Liturgical poem sometimes ascribed to one of the of Israel
Promote or nurture
Red suit
Sinks the ball from an inch away (2 wds.)
Sonic’s BFF Miles
Telepaths or subatomic particles
They are first traversed by
Turbulent, like a flight through and lightning
Update one’s driveway
What altos and basses almost never get to sing, not that we’re bitter or anything
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