Crossroads Faire
May all the corners of the Knowne World come to the Barony of Carolingia on March 15 to celebrate our breadth of peoples at the Crossroads Faire!

It's over! Thanks to everyone for a Fantastic Event!

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The feast is now sold out! Also, the site is dry-- please do not bring alcohol-- and flames are not allowed.

All questions can be directed to the autocrat, Myndroh of Carolingia (Contact Information Deleted).

The Crossroads Faire is to be a festival of many cultures and many contrasts. The Faire combines into a single a event a pageant of the works, activities, and knowledge of up to a dozen cultures from different places and times throughout period. Come and wander through countries and across centuries, experiencing each culture, from 9th century Sweden to 16 century France, through performances, activities, food, art, and atmosphere.

The day will consist of activities and explorations throughout the cultures' rooms, followed by an combined feast and court with entertainment in the evening. Activities will include games, music, workshops, and more! The feast will itself be a elaborate festival of cultures, with courses from several different times and places, created by Jacob Simon. During the feast there will also be a collection of performances, organized Lady Guirauda de Miraval.

Anyone interested in contributing to a particular culture should contact the autocrat or the head of the particular culture room for more information. Contact information for the culture groups is below. Merchants should also contact the autocrat.

There will be no dayboard. People attending the feast who have dietary restrictions should talk to the autocrat.

Overall Event Schedule:

Event Fees:
Site: free (donations appreciated; suggested donation of $5)
Feast: $10; registration deadline is March 9, 2003

Grace Congregational Church
73 Union Avenue
Framingham, MA 01702

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Below are the current groups organizing areas of the event and contact information for their leaders:

Indian, 1500's:
    Lady Lakshmi Amman (Contact Information Deleted)

    See the Indian Embassy Activities Website.

French, 1550 - 1600:
    Baron Jehan du Lac (Contact Information Deleted)

    See their webpage: The French Room.

Viking, 831:
    Harald Longfellow (Contact Information Deleted)
Florentine/Italian, 1480 - 1500:
    Lady Arianna Chiara Fiorucci (Contact Information Deleted)
Middle East/Silk Road, 1500's:
    Ghazala al-Badriyyah (Contact Information Deleted)
Japanese, 1500's:
    Matsuyama Mokurai (Contact Information Deleted)
Irish, Early:
    Agatha of Carolingia (Contact Information Deleted)

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    Here are the children's activities for the day, organized by Rhonwen glyn Conwy.

    11:00:Storytelling, Florentine
    11:30:Riddles, Irish
    12:00:Listen to Sext being chanted, Irish
    12:15:Writing in Runes, Viking
    12:45:Norse Myths, Viking
    1:00:Pike Drills, French/English
    1:20:Singing Rounds, French/English
    1:45:Block Printing, Indian
    2:30:Setsubun Good Luck Ceremony, Japanese (outside if weather permits)
    3:00:Naginata and/or Sword Demonstration, Japanese
    3:15:Dancing and Playing with Drums, Silk Road
    4:00:Feast Menu Preview: Kitchen
    4:30:Children's Activities end

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