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Expiring Document Notification

MIT Administrators > Expiring Document Notification

The International Scholars Office (ISchO) runs an "expiring document" report at the end of every month. This report lists international scholars whose visa document (work permission) or MIT appointment (whichever is earlier) will expire or end in four months time. The scholar data is sorted by DLC and visa type and is used to create spreadsheets that are e-mailed to the ISchO's contacts in MIT DLCs. The ISchO refers to these as "ticklers."

When an international scholar's name appears on a tickler spreadsheet, this is a signal that either the department or the scholar needs to act soon. What needs to be done, and who needs to do it, is always described in the tickler. The tickler is sent out four months in advance because certain actions may take a long time to complete. Please e-mail or call the ISchO if you ever desire clarification about a particular scholar, or have questions about how to proceed.

The tickler spreadsheet needs to be completed and returned promptly to the ISchO. The ISchO uses the information you provide to commence any immigration-related work on behalf of the scholar and MIT DLC. The ISchO also uses ticklers to record scholar appointment extensions, terminations, and visa changes in the office database. Prompt return of the tickler spreadsheet is critical. If information cannot provided for a particular scholar at four months, the ISchO will include the scholar's name in the tickler spreadsheet sent two months in advance of their expiration date.

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Last Updated: October 2016

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