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Other pictures

  • Gone Troppo Booklet, front page, 600x300
  • Gone Troppo Booklet, back page, 600x300
  • Traveling Wilburys - Vol. 3 Booklet, front page, 300x600
  • Traveling Wilburys - Vol. 3 Booklet, back page, 600x300

    Pictures of some CDs

  • Wonderwall Music
  • The Concert for Bangla Desh
  • Living In The Material World
  • Dark Horse
  • Extra Texture
  • Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989
  • Live in Japan
  • Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3

    Pictures from 'The Concert for Bangla Desh'

  • George, 650x1000 (47k)
  • Leon Russel, 700x750 (72k)
  • Bob Dylan, 660x720 (46k)
  • George Harrison & Bob Dylan, 1280x690 (89k)
  • Leon Russel, 700x690 (61k)
  • Introducing..., 1200x600 (78k)

  • more photographs from The Concert for Bangla Desh

    Pictures from the other albums

  • Premiere of Wonderwall, Wonderwall Music, 900x450 (69k)
  • Krishna and Arjuna Paintings, Living in the Material World, 600x300
  • picture from Living in the Material World, 580x610
  • Dark Horse album info, 510x300
  • Inside from Extra Texture, 600x300
  • Colored insides from Thirty Three and 1/3, 760x760 (101k)
  • - "" - (the LP has coloured pictures, the CD b/w), 750x770 (76k)
  • George Harrison, Best of George Harrison, 910x450
  • George Harrison and Jackie Stewart, George Harrison, 340x530
  • George, somewhere in Yin Yang, Somewhere In England, 260x300
  • Inside from Cloud Nine, 950x440 (91k)
  • Pictures from Live in Japan (I), 530x570
  • Pictures from Live in Japan (II), 520x560

    Apple Jam Label (All Things Must Pass)

    Cover of 'Personal Music Dialog' (see below)

    I Don't Want To Do It (Single)

    Miss O'Dell (Single)

    Somewhere In England (slightly different)

    (pictures and Personal Music Dialog text: Frank Daniels)

    Personal Music Dialog

    33 1/3
    Recommended for:  Radio Station Broadcast, Press Reviews,
    and General Promotional Use
    The following cue-script has been provided as a convenient pro-
    gramming guide for broadcast:
    [What follows is a set of timings, status info, and cues for 
    the entire record.]
    At the end of each side's listing, there is information:
    Program Director Note
    All music selections are from the Dark Horse album George Harrison
    Thirty Three and 1/3 (DH 3005) --for further information, contact:
    Dark Horse Records, 3300 Warner Blvd., Burbank, Ca.  91510
    Interviewer--Radio & Records Editor Mike Harrison
    Concept--Dark Horse Label Manager Dennis Morgan
    Engineer--George Charoyhas

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