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I created this archive of my coursework so that MIT students, and students around the world, can further their own knowledge by looking at my work. All works in this archive are (c) Sean Leonard 2004, all rights reserved, except for quotations and excerpts that are copyrighted by their respective, cited owners. You are free to use, reproduce, and recompile these works for your own personal study. For other uses, contact Sean Leonard. If you find any errors, factual or otherwise, please notify me immediately.

21F.50x Vocabulary Sheets

I developed many vocabulary sheets to help me learn vocabulary in MIT 21F.501-21F.506, Japanese I-Japanese VI. MIT uses Japanese: The Spoken Language by Elanor Harz Jorden.

Additional course materials are forthcoming.

Sean Leonard's Course List

Spring 2005

6.931 Development of Inventions and Creative Ideas
21F.506 Japanese VI

Fall 2004

6.341 Discrete-Time Signal Processing
21F.505 Japanese V
MAS.641J Audio Processing by People and Machines

Spring 2004

6.013 Electomagnetics and Applications
6.033 Computer Systems Engineering
6.839 Advanced Computer Graphics
11.013 American Urban History I
21W.803 Writing Practicum for Scientists and Engineers
SP.270 (Teaching) Japanese Animation: Still Pictures, Moving Minds

Previous years' courses are forthcoming.

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