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Sean HimselfThis picture is my "canonical" photo that I like to use. The picture was taken in Portland, Oregon on 8/23/2003, shortly after I returned from Japan.

SeanTek (Formal dress with MIT tie)So you wish to see what I look like, huh?

What exactly does a half-Chinese, half-Caucasian look like? Something like this:
This picture was taken on February 22, 2003 at my fraternity, Sigma Nu.

SeanTek (right-looking, formal)I periodically wonder to myself how people see me. Do I look okay? Playful? Hungry? Forlorn? Comfortable? With that in mind, I decided to post another picture in which I am attacked by a ferocious beast.

My friend Stephanie Lee took this picture in Fall 2002. As you can see, I clearly have the upperhand because I'm staring him down! (Clicking on the picture will go to the full version.)
SeanTek stares at the Sigma Nu puppy

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