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Before submitting your siRNA data, please review our submission guidelines.

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NCBI Probe Database (more info...)
If you have previously submitted your siRNA sequence to the NCBI Probes Database, we ask you to provide the NCBI Probe reference number to allow us to link to your submitted data. If you have not submitted your data through NCBI, we will submit it for you based on the information provided below.

Probe ID #:


Reference (more info...)
Please provide the Pubmed ID# of your publications that first describe the siRNA sequence you are submitting. If the article is currently in press, we request that you provide us with the article title, authors, and journal so that we can provide links upon publication.

Pubmed ID#:

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Probes (more info...)
Please provide information on your siRNA below. If you have additional information regarding the siRNA, please enter that information in the "comments" field.
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Please provide the mRNA RefSeq accession number (NM_ or XM_ accession number) for your target gene. You may follow the link out to the NCBI site to search for the gene. Please see our "Faqs" for additional tips on obtaining the proper accesion number.
Target mRNA accession #: (search for accession number . . .)
Target mRNA name:

Full siRNA anti-sense sequence (5'-3'):

Please provide the nucleotide positions of both the "anti-sense" and "overhang" sequence in your siRNA.
anti-sense sequence position: (ex. 0:18)
overhang position: (ex. 19:20)

Full siRNA sense sequence (5'-3'):

Please provide the nucleotide positions of both the "sense" and "overhang" sequence in your siRNA.
siRNA sense sequence position: (ex. 0:18)
overhang position: (ex. 19:20)

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Results (more info)
The MIT/ICBP siRNA Database will only accept siRNAs that have been shown to work experimentally.
Experiment name:
(ex. Rb knockdown in HeLa Cells, 3/28/07)
Experiment subject: Cell culture
Cell type:
Cell line:

Gene of origin :

Treatment prior to RNAi (optional):
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siRNA validation can be in the form of mRNA suppression and/or protein suppression levels.
You must supply one of these for your submission to be accepted.

mRNA suppression:
Method of mRNA detection:
Protein suppression: (% reduction)
Method of protein detection:

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