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MIT Solar 7 Team: May 30 2007

  TEAM MEMBERS, May 2007

(Left to Right)

John Harris (Communications, Outreach), Jonah DeCola, John Heyer, Andy Stern, Arlis Reynolds (Business Development Student Lead), Sea Addieg, Henry Vandermark, Bart Berkowitz, Alicia Gomes, Natasha Makowski (Sponsor Coordinator), Kurt Keville (Principal Investigator, Rules), Tom Pittsley (Construction Management), Nick Trincia, Chris Powers, Diana Hendrix

MIT Solar 7 Team: December 6th 2006

  TEAM MEMBERS, Dec. 2006

(Back Row, Left to Right)

Kurt Keville (PI), Nick Gayeski (Energy Analysis Lead), Adam Talsma (House Transportation), Kevin Horne (Electrical Design Lead), Colin Booth (Outreach), Doug Lamm (Fundraising), Arlis Reynolds (Safety Officer), Tom Pittsley (Construction Management), Natasha Makowski (Sponsor Coordinator), Miroslava Teneva (Code Compliance), Andy Stern (Batteries)

(Front Row, Left to Right)

Corey Fucetola (Business Development, Student Lead, Power Systems), Zachary Teachout (Power Systems), William Abrahamson (Design Lead), Sian Kleindienst (Student Project Manager), Lisa Song (Communications Lead), Allison St. Vincent (Rules)

MIT Solar 7 Team: October 20th 2006

  TEAM MEMBERS, Oct. 2006

(Back Row, Left to Right)

Arlis Reynolds (Market and Economics Lead), Aaron Ramirez, Kurt Keville (Principal Investigator, Rules), John Harris (Communications, Outreach), Doug Lamm (Fundraising)

(Front Row, Left to Right)

Corey Fucetola (Project Manager, Business Development, Code Compliance), Eletha Flores (Judging, Communications), Joyce Kwan (Outreach, Architecture), Yulia Tolstova (Communications, Outreach)

MIT Solar 7 Team: May 31st 2006

  TEAM MEMBERS, May 2006

(Back Row, Left to Right)

Nick Gayeski, William Abrahamson, John Heyer, Andrew Scott

(Front Row, Left to Right)

Corey Fucetola, Roselin Osser, Dave Kuhn, Kurt Keville, Young-Ju Kim

Department of Energy
National Renewable Energy Laboratory Solar Decathlon