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17th Annual Richard C. Lord Lecture

Mildred Dresselhaus, MIT

"Raman spectroscopy of nanotubes and other nano-carbon systems"

May 6, 2008

12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m. Grier Room 34-401


There is much current excitement about the interesting spectroscopy associated with carbon nanostructures, particularly carbon nanotubes and graphene. A brief review will be given of spectroscopic studies of carbon nanostructures dating back to 1961 including some historical
landmarks occurring at MIT. The early history will then move to graphite intercalation compounds (1973) which contained the first carbon nanostructures to be studied experimentally. Liquid carbon studies were precursors to the fullerene family of nanostructures, and vapor grown carbon fibers were precursors to carbon nanotubes. In this talk particular emphasis is given to the recent developments in the spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes, graphene and graphene ribbons, with perspectives on future research directions for these fields.

TUESDAYS, 12:00-1:00, GRIER ROOM (34-401)
Refreshments served following the seminar

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Co-sponsored by the George R. Harrison Spectroscopy Laboratory,
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