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The Science of Photons

In the broadest sense, spectroscopy is concerned with the interaction of light and matter, and most of our knowledge about the properties of atoms and molecules is based on spectroscopic investigations. Thus, spectroscopy forms the cornerstone of fundamental exploration into the structure and dynamics of atoms, molecules, materials and biological organisms.

The George R. Harrison Spectroscopy Laboratory has been a leader in scientific discoveries for over 70 years, with a distinguished history of progressive research in the field of modern optics and spectroscopy. Originally a world-recognized center for classic atomic spectroscopy, today it is a resource for modern spectroscopy and optics. The Laboratory’s interests have broadened to encompass a wide range of research projects in both the physical sciences and biomedical applications. As an interdepartmental laboratory within the MIT School of Science, the Spectroscopy Laboratory provides a research setting for students from a wide range of academic interests. Activities within the Laboratory are grouped in two major categories: physical science research, including atomic physics/quantum optics and chemical/molecular spectroscopy, and research in biomedical physics and engineering.