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Sustaining Cities: Environmental Planning and Management in Urban Design. Josef Leitmann. 1999. McGraw-Hill.

International journal of urban policy and planning that covers environmental issues in both the developed and developing world.

The Boulevard, Langford Land
Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1 BG UK
Tel: 44-1865-843000
Fax: 44-1865-843010

EcoCity Journal
Regularly reports on sustainable community issues.

485 Leatherfern Place
Sanibel, FL 33957 USA
Tel: 1-813-472-1450
Fax: 1-813-472-2625

Environment and Urbanization
The premier journal devoted to environmental issues in cities published by the International Institute for Environment and Development. Published twice yearly.

3 Endsleigh Street
London, WEC1H ODD UK

Tel: 44-171-388-2117
Fax: 44-171-388-2826



Subscriptions: 1 year institutions: 36 or US$62; 1 year individuals: 22 or US$38. (Inquire about special rates for Third World countries, students, NGOs and teaching/ training institutions.)

HABITAT International
Journal of contemporary urban issues facing cities around the world; regularly includes articles with an environmental focus.
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Journal of Urban Design
Scholarly journal on theory, research, and practice in urban design, development, and the environment. Three issues per year.

Carfax Publishing Limited
P.O. Box 25, Abingdon
Oxfordshire OX14 UE UK
Tel: 44-1235-401000
Fax: 44-1235-401550


Subscriptions per year: institutional: US$198/122; individual: US$54/32

Journal of Urban Technology
Publishes articles on the effects of new technologies on urban environment.

Carfax Publishing Limited
P.O. Box 25, Abingdon
Oxfordshire OX14 UE UK
Tel: 44-1235-401000
Fax: 44-1235-401550


Local Environment
Academic journal that reports on international experience with local environmental management.

School of Urban Development
South Bank University
London SW8 2JZ UK


Regularly contains articles on urban environmental planning and management, with a U.S. focus.

122 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60603 USA


Third World Planning Review
Often contains articles focusing on urban environmental issues in developing countries.

P.O. Box 147
Liverpool L69 3BX UK

Tel: 44-51-794-2235
Fax: 44-51-708-6502

The Urban Ecologist
Forum for reporting and comment on sustainable cities.

Urban Ecology
405 4th Street, Suite 900
Oakland, CA 94612 USA

Tel: 1-510-251-6330
Fax: 1-510-251-2117


Urban Ecosystems
International journal devoted to scientific investigations of the ecology of urban environments and their policy implications.

Chapman & Hall
Cheriton House, North Way, Andover
Hampshire SP10 5BE UK

Tel: 44-1264-342-713
Fax: 44-1264-342-807