Applicants must be either (a) research-active undergraduate students aiming for graduate school, or (b) graduate students (Masters and/or PhD) in computer architecture and related fields who have completed less than 3 years of graduate school at the time of the workshop. A note from the student’s research advisor attesting this is required as part of the submission.

Eligible students are invited to submit their early stage or on-going work to this workshop. Submitted work should not have been presented as part of a prior ACM/IEEE conference.

Note: This workshop is not a venue for publication and there will be no formal proceedings.

Topics of Interest

The workshop invites papers from all areas of computer architecture, broadly defined. Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

Submission Guidelines

The goal of this workshop is to help students think about a problem/idea in an holistic manner and communicate your ideas to the wider community, so that we can provide some valuable early-stage feedback. To this end, we encourage you to cover the following aspects in your submission:

Submission Details

Declaring Conflicts

When registering a submission, all its co-authors must provide information about conflicts with the YArch’22 program committee members. You are conflicted with a member if:

  1. you are currently employed at the same institution, have been previously employed at the same institution within the past two years (2019 or later), or are going to begin employment at the same institution;
  2. you have a past or present association as thesis advisor or advisee (no time limit);
  3. you have collaborated on a project, publication, grant proposal, or editorship within the past two years (2019 or later);
  4. or, you have spouse or first-degree relative relations.