Yasheng Huang (黄亚生)

MIT Sloan School of Management

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Reviews and comments of Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics




Reviews and comments of
Selling China

See some of the commentaries in the Chinese media on the ideas contained in Selling China: Outlook magazine,Sina,my interview with Economic Observer, People Net,Xinhua Net,Pheonix TV,Discussion on technology transferand,Rethinking FDI.

Political Studies Review

Foreign Affairs

Economics and Policital Weekly

Finance & Development of IMF

Business World

The Telegraph


Working Knowledge from Harvard Business School

Economic Times

Le Monde

Wall Street Journal- January 14, 2002
Foreign Investment not a Panacea in China, p.1

Wall Street Journal-September 15,2002
Editorial on Huang's view on FDI, p. 6



Inflation and Investment Controls in China

Reviews of Inflation and Investment
Controls in China

American Policital Science Review


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