Ben Lengerich

Ben Lengerich

Hello! I'm a postdoc in the MIT Computational Biology Lab (PI: Prof. Manolis Kellis) at MIT CSAIL and the Broad Institute. My research is currently supported by the Alana Down Syndrome Center at MIT, supporting our aims of using contextualized machine learning to understand complex diseases. I completed my PhD at the CS Department at CMU, advised by Prof. Eric Xing.

More info about my research is available here.

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Office: D-528 Stata Center, MITMap

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Code available: Contextualized.ML is now available on PyPI!

Nov 2022

New preprint: Our study of biases and implications in EHR datasets ("Death by Round Numbers") is now available on Medrxiv!

May 2022

Talk: Presented Contexutalized ML for Disease Subtyping at BIRS. Video/slides available.

May 2022

New publication: Our study of Personalized Treatment Effects in Covid-19 is now published in JBI!

May 2022