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Input/Output and Networking

These classes are used to handle input and output to and from external devices, processes, files etc. as well as manipulating files and directories.

QBufferI/O device that operates on a QByteArray
QClipboardAccess to the window system clipboard
QDataStreamSerialization of binary data to a QIODevice
QDirAccess to directory structures and their contents in a platform-independent way
QDnsAsynchronous DNS lookups
QFileI/O device that operates on files
QFileInfoSystem-independent file information
QFtpImplementation of the FTP protocol
QHostAddressIP address
QHttpImplementation of the HTTP protocol
QHttpHeaderHeader information for HTTP
QHttpRequestHeaderRequest header information for HTTP
QHttpResponseHeaderResponse header information for HTTP
QImageIOParameters for loading and saving images
QIODeviceThe base class of I/O devices
QLocalFsImplementation of a QNetworkProtocol that works on the local file system
QMimeSourceAbstraction of objects which provide formatted data of a certain MIME type
QMimeSourceFactoryExtensible provider of mime-typed data
QNetworkOperationCommon operations for network protocols
QNetworkProtocolCommon API for network protocols
QProcessUsed to start external programs and to communicate with them
QServerSocketTCP-based server
QSettingsPersistent platform-independent application settings
QSignalCan be used to send signals for classes that don't inherit QObject
QSignalMapperBundles signals from identifiable senders
QSocketBuffered TCP connection
QSocketDevicePlatform-independent low-level socket API
QSocketNotifierSupport for socket callbacks
QTextIStreamConvenience class for input streams
QTextOStreamConvenience class for output streams
QTextStreamBasic functions for reading and writing text using a QIODevice
QUrlURL parser and simplifies working with URLs
QUrlInfoStores information about URLs
QUrlOperatorCommon operations on URLs
QWindowsMimeMaps open-standard MIME to Window Clipboard formats

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