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Miscellaneous Classes

These classes are useful classes not fitting into any other category.

QAccelHandles keyboard accelerator and shortcut keys
QAccessibleEnums and static functions relating to accessibility
QAccessibleInterfaceDefines an interface that exposes information about accessible objects
QAccessibleObjectImplements parts of the QAccessibleInterface for QObjects
QCustomMenuItemAbstract base class for custom menu items in popup menus
QDoubleValidatorRange checking of floating-point numbers
QErrorMessageError message display dialog
QFileIconProviderIcons for QFileDialog to use
QFilePreviewFile previewing in QFileDialog
QFocusDataMaintains the list of widgets in the focus chain
QIntValidatorValidator which ensures that a string contains a valid integer within a specified range
QKeySequenceEncapsulates a key sequence as used by accelerators
QMenuDataBase class for QMenuBar and QPopupMenu
QMimeSourceAbstraction of objects which provide formatted data of a certain MIME type
QProcessUsed to start external programs and to communicate with them
QRangeControlInteger value within a range
QRegExpPattern matching using regular expressions
QRegExpValidatorUsed to check a string against a regular expression
QSettingsPersistent platform-independent application settings
QSignalCan be used to send signals for classes that don't inherit QObject
QtNamespace for miscellaneous identifiers that need to be global-like
QUrlURL parser and simplifies working with URLs
QUrlInfoStores information about URLs
QUrlOperatorCommon operations on URLs
QValidatorValidation of input text
QVariantActs like a union for the most common Qt data types
QWindowsMimeMaps open-standard MIME to Window Clipboard formats

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