Delivery and Return Transport System (DARTS)


Getting to Mars
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Landing on Mars
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Returning to LEO
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Returning to LEO: Returning Manifest

Minimal amounts of material will be brought back to Lower Mars Orbit. Only those that are essential and must return to the Transfer Habitat or be brought back to Lower Earth Orbit will lift off of Mars in the Falcon. All other items are left on Mars to perish, or, if they last long enough, they can be used in future missions.

Items to bring back to LMO Mass (metric tons)
Falcon dry mass 6.00
Sample Collection 0.200
Crew 0.420
Miscellaneous 0.500
Suits 0.409
Total Mass Launched to LMO 7.5 tons
Table 4. Falcon Ascent Payload

Items to leave on Mars Mass (metric tons)
Habitat 10.0
Non-essential Experimental Equipment 2.0
LMRs 2.0
Rover 0.400
Total Mass Left Behind 14.4 tons
Table 5. Items to Remain on Mars Surface

Other Items Returning to LEO Mass (metric tons)
Transfer Habitat 20.4
Consumables + Oxygen 2.0
Nuclear Engine 10.0
Total Mass 32.4 tons
Table 6. Items Other than those in the Falcon Returning to LEO

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