Delivery and Return Transport System (DARTS)


Getting to Mars
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   Manifest List

Landing on Mars
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   Landing Manifest

Returning to LEO
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   Returning Manifest

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Landing on Mars: Landing Manifest

Item Mass (metric tons)
IPP Experimental Equipment 2.0
Surface Robots 2.0
Rover 0.400
Descent Engine 3.0
Inflatable Habitats (1.0 ea. x2) 2.0
IPP Structure 1.0
Fuel Cells 17.0
NPP Consumables + Oxygen 10.0
Falcon dry mass and ascent stage engine 6.0
Crew 0.420
Suits 0.409
Surface Habitat 10.0
Decent stage engine and structure 10.0
Fuel for Falcon Ascent Stage 13
Miscellaneous 0.50
Total Mass 77 tons
Table 3. Landing Manifest and Masses

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