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December 11, 2002
1:00 AM
Okay....I'm working my way through the few updates I'm able to pull off before the deadline. Unfortunately, Mission 2006 sapped so much time over the last two weeks that we have been unable to make significant updates to this web page. The majority of the time from our group over the last couple of weeks has been devoted to the final project web page and the final presentation. However, I did clean up this front page a little, and moved the old news to this new location. Besides that, I'm sorry I couldn't get more done. I'm still trying to catch up on two weeks of work before I start studying for finals....

It's been fun!

- JR
November 11, 2002
12:00 AM
The latest and greatest edition of our group's characterization can be found here. This includes links for easier navigation as well as more complete citings and more accurate information. Alternatively, this document can be downloaded in Word format.


- JR
November 7, 2002
8:15 AM
That was very frustrating. After numerous attempts and failures, the appearance of this information means that I was finally able to update the team web page, even though my network connection is still probably not working right. Anyway, after a long wait our "Synoptic Group Characterization of the Land of the Amazon Rainforest" is up and running. The characterization can be downloaded here in Word format. This synopsis will likely be continued to be updated over the next couple of weeks as we find holes that need filling.

Our next group statement will probably address a plan for preserving the Amazon rainforest as well as monitoring solutions and strategies.

Until we meet again,

- JR
November 2, 2002
1:30 AM
Hi. I'm just writing to inform everyone that due to strategic difficulties the release of our characterization report has been moved back to Monday night. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it looks like it's going to be great!


- JR

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