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Mission Statement:

Develop a way to characterize and monitor the well-being of one of the last true frontiers on Earth - the Amazon Basin rainforest - and devise a set of practical strategies to ensure its preservation

Team Goals:

Research the pros and cons of various data management systems in order to find an effective system that can be implement on experimental data.
Investigate various media outlets and decide what information would best facilitate project success.
bulletInvestigate both the internal and external laws and regulations that are applicable to the success of the "project" hypothesized by Mission 2006.
bulletCreate a model that maps out the applicable power and political infrastructure within Brazil and between Brazil and the international community.  The model will include the following specifications.
bulletBasic format of the Brazilian Government
bulletFederal agencies/policies related to Amazonian interests
bulletState Government organization (of Amazonian states)
bulletState agencies related to Amazonian interests
Identify necessary target groups and create information packets for them.
bulletGroups with  interests similar to that of Mission 2006
bulletGroups that may support the project hypothesized by Mission 2006.

Personal Focus:

My personal focus within the scope of team 1 is on the legal and political aspects of the Amazon project.  Thus the information found here will pertain mostly to those fields. 

Contact Information:

My E-mail is willr3@mit.edu.  I check it at least once a day (usually at night though) and try to check it before Wednesday team meetings.  However, with the way things are going now (in Mission) I'm going to start checking it around 3 times a day (p-sets permitting).




This Weeks Accomplishments / Additions

bulletWorked on public relations/government aspects of solutions
bulletWorked with fellow Web page team to create Mission page
bulletPlayed a key role in page development and implementation



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