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The Cities in Galapagos:

In order to understand what we are dealing with in the Galapagos, not having been there yet, information regarding the cities will help to get an idea of what the villages look like and function like. Much of this information is provided by tourist websites. Though this isn't a scientifically reliable source, the general information about facilities on the island is helpful to us to know. This will tell about power consumption, tourism amounts, and whether the living conditions are inadequate for people.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno:
Attractions: Cathedral, Natural History Museum, Interpretation Center

Transportation Required: To see Cerro Tijeretas (35 minutes away overlooking neighboring town), Playa de Oro -- small town with a few hotels north of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (swimming is popular), Playa Punta Carola (surfing), 20 minute walk South leads past the airport and to La Loberia, a coast with trails
Restaurants: 8 dining establishments in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, 2 snack places (pastries and snacks) in PBM, 2 Restaurants in El Progresso

Bars and Discos: 4 Bars/Discos in PBM
Hotels: 6

Specialty Shops: a few crafts shops, 2 mentioned specifically

Transportation: Irregular Boat schedules offered from San Cristobal to Santa Cruz and Isabela to Santa Cruz, also Island hopping flights available

Flights into Galapagos always go through Guayaguil or Quito.

Bi-monthly cargo carriers will take passengers for a small fee, but not frequently done.

Daily Buses travel between El Progresso and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

Services: 1 bank, 1 post office, 1 hospital, and 1 pharmacy

Internet and communication services available -- expensive!

Santa Cruz -- Puerto Ayora:

Attractions: Around Santa Rosa and Puerto Ayora some tourist attractions including Butterfly Ranch, Lava Tubes, El Chato, mangrove swamps, Conway Bay and Las Bachas, Cerro Dragon, Guided tours and small streams and inlets for "bathers,"
Hotels: 24 of varying cost

Ministry of Tourism, British Consul
Restaurants: More than 10 large restaurants and probably 3 bakeries, 3 main ranches and eating establishments outside of Puerto Ayora

Bars and Disco: 1 Bar and Grill, and 4 Bar/Disco
Shops: 1 supermarket, a large souvenir shop, and supplies shop

Recreation activities -- many many offered!

Services: 1 hospital, 1 bank, internet available,


Accommodations: 5 hotels, no banks, no hospital,

Restaurants: 7 restaurants at Puerto Vilamil (1 in Merceditas Highlands)


About 80 inhabitants

1 school and 1 telephone

Accommodations: 1 hotel and family bungalows

No regular boat services

Info above from http://www.thebestofecuador.com and http://www.ecuadorexplorer.com

Knowing what a place looks like can help a lot in finding what to research next. Therefore, pictures of many things on the Galapagos helped steer us in the direction of finding solutions to our problems. These images have direct links below. This is not information for specific research purposes, just for our general information and amusement.

Pictures of Hotels

City location Maps

City Puerto Ayora

Hotel Galapagos Photo of Bay



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