Road System
What: Design a system of roads in the three villages which will be in the shape of a semi-circle around the perimeter of the commercial center.

Why: In the village on Isabella the road will be necessary for movement between the living communities which will already be shaped in the semi-circle. The roads on Isabella will also go up to one of the small farming villages. The roads will be paved. The road after going around the living areas will go to the main part of the commercial center then back to the living areas. In the villages on Santa Cruz and San Cristobal it will work the same way except there will be two concentric semi-circles of roads since these villages are larger and there will be more living areas.
What: There will be a bus transportation system set up for the new roads using new diesel-electric buses. We will use the technology developed by GM where these hybrid electric buses use a combination of electric motors and diesel fuel. On Isabella there will be one bus while in Santa Cruz and San Cristobal there will be two of these buses.

Why: These buses will also improve the air, with fewer emissions. The use of buses will lower the need for cars and will make transportation between the living areas and commercial center very easy.
Bike and Walking Paths
What: We will design, map out and create bike paths and walkways between the living areas and connected to the commercial area of the village. Biking and walking will be highly encouraged since the villages are so small. These paths will be made for all three of the villages.

Why: Bike and walking paths will be essential. Even though some of the main paths will have to be paved, biking is the highly preferred mode of transportation in terms of saving energy, fuel, and resources.
What: We will eliminate the taxis, scrap the metal from the cars, and use them to make new hybrid electric super-low impact vehicles. These vehicles run on electric motors and gasoline or hydrogen. These vehicles will have super low drag and will be ultra-light. These cars are comparable to the modern hybrid cars seen in America today.

Why: The old taxis are pollutants to the islands and really are unnecessary to the village. Replacing the taxis and other cars with more energy and fuel efficient cars will help the environment and promote environmental awareness.
Marine Transportation
What: Will work in conjunction with the new floating airport and the inter-island boat transportation system to make sure visitors and natives can get easily to other islands or the airport. We will establish the floating island as a base. All boats that travel between the main islands will stop at the base for refueling or other needs.

Why: Working with the airport and boat transportation system is necessary to make sure that they become implemented and make the resource available to everyone in the Archipelago. Also it will be better for the land environment to keep all fuels for the boats on the floating island.
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