The Mission
"To design and deploy a network of environmental sensors to support a comprehensive program of ecosystem monitoring on the islands and surrounding waters."
   These monitoring proposals are directed toward enhancing as well as adding to the research systems already in place in the Galapagos Islands. To accomplish this, a network of sensors will be installed to monitor terrestrial, marine, and air qualities which will be used to assist scientists in their attempts to assess the health of the ecosystem.
   Here we are proposing a comprehensive monitoring system in the Galapagos to monitor human impacts, to determine the success of the Green villages, to measure stress levels in order to warn the scientific community of fluctuations in populations and nutrient levels, and to create a baseline for comparison to continually re-evaluate the relative health of the ecosystem while at the same time taking into account natural evolutionary change. The monitoring system will not only monitor the environment, but the local people’s opinions as well. The system is designed to involve the local community, because without their support, the proposed actions will not function to their maximum potential. Without the people’s support, the monitoring systems will polarize rather than unite the efforts to restore the Galapagos and the surrounding waters.
   Overall, the monitoring system is designed to be flexible, to change with time and need – to mirror the natural evolutionary patterns of the Galapagos Islands themselves.
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