Text Box: Maps and Animations

- Interactive Graphic of Hurricane Katrina’s Inundation

Source: The Times Picayune, by staff artist Dan Swenson


Shows by time and day in detail the flooding, breeches and disasters in New Orleans during the hurricane. After the animation, take a look at the map of the floodwater depths.


- FEMA Flood Zone Map of New Orleans

- Flood Zone Maps (entire city, by zip code, damage assessment chart)

- Zip Code Map of New Orleans (to compare)

- Definitions of Flood Zone Hazard Designations

Sources: The City of New Orleans homepage, FEMA.gov Frequently Asked Questions

- Amended Ordinance of the City of New Orleans adopting FEMA’s           Advisory Base Flood Elevation

Source: City of New Orleans homepage


Shows the flood risk of each area in New Orleans. You can compare it to a zip code and parish map of New Orleans. In a nutshell, the analysis is based on 100-year floodplains (based on a 100-year Flood) determined in the Flood Insurance Study. In the map, the higher the number (A0-A30) the more likely it is to flood. For more in depth  definitions of what each color and zone (there are multiple zone, V, A, etc.) means, click on the definitions link.


Louisiana Citizen Awareness and Disaster Evacuation Guide


The currently existing pamphlet offered to citizens concerning the evacuation guidelines. Includes preparations guidelines, emergency phone numbers, evacuation phases and contra flow map.

Source: The City of New Orleans homepage (Emergency Preparedness section).


Emergency Guides


Has specific emergency guides for special cases such as pregnant women, the elderly and special-care patients, even pets.

Source: The City of New Orleans homepage (Emergency Preparedness section).



Maps and Animations

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