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This is where you need to look for class assignments, changes to rooms, and other important news.

Assignment due October 23: The assignment is here.

Friday October 2 we will be privileged to hear a presentation from Kurt House. Kurt is working on CO2 sequestration and has published an important paper on a new approach. We will meet in 3-270--please try to be on time.

Here are some links to his work or articles written about him



A PDF of his new paper entitled Electrochemical Acceleration of Chemical Weathering as an Energetically Feasible Approach to Mitigating Anthropogenic Climate Change is here.

Wednesday September 30th, we will meet in 32-155 The class will have two parts; The first will be a brief discussion on the Wiki comments by Julia--this is an important call to action and I think it is important to discuss. This will be followed to an intro to GIS and how you will use it in your solutions.

September 16: Get the homework assignment here. The wiki can be accessed directly here. If you don't have certificates on your computer please see the assignment for detailed instructions on how to access the wiki.

There's also a library assignment task list that you need to get.