Fall Term 2004

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Course Handouts (in pdf format):

  2/4/03 Course Information
  * Review: Matrices
    Review: Convolution
    Review: Frequency Domain Methods
    Review: First- and Second-Order System Response
  9/8/04 Energy and Power Flow in State Determined Systems
  9/13/04 State-Space representation of LTI Systems
  9/15/04 Linear Graph Modeling: One-Port Elements
  9/20/04 Linear Graph Modeling: State Equation Formulation
  9/27/04 Linear Graph Modeling:Two-Port Elements
  10/4/04 Time Domain Response of State-Determined Systems
  10/4/04 The Cayley-Hamilton Theorem and the Matrix Exponential
  10/4/04 System Modeling Using Impedance Methods
  10/24/04 Modal Decomposition and System Response
  11/13/04 Some Comments on Controllability/Observability
  11/21/04 Systems with Repeated and Complex Eigenvalues
  12/8/04 Discrete Observers - The Kalman Filter and LQG Regulators

* Hard copy of review handouts may be picked up from Room 3-144

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