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The team enters the room, and before them is a giant replica of the classic board game 'Battleship'. The game appears to be partially played, with hit markers both above and below on the board.

One of the players discovers an oddity where the hit markers typically reside. Instead of the markers, several softball-sized balls are seen under a plexiglass sheet, with a couple already available to the players.

Seeing no other option, one of the players tosses one of the balls over the top of the game board to the other side.

Almost instantly, a light flashes on the screen in front of the players, and a loud cannon is heard off in the distance behind the board. The players seemed to have hit a battleship, and on cue, another ball is dispensed on the right for the players use. The players continue to take turns and lob the balls over the back of the board, with each sequential throw marked as a hit or a miss. The players take care though, as they notice the supply of balls aren't being replenished.

As the players sink another battleship, a cannon is heard again, but also a siren. The boards slowly lower revealing the escape hatch behind it. The players rush over the top of the now closed board, and out of the room.