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Laser Maze Mirror Tower

Our game is centered around a team redirecting a laser to a target. The team has the option of changing the laser’s direction via movable towers (along a fixed track system) that have 45 degree angled mirrors on them. This tower, essentially the only piece that users interact with, is thus in charge of moving along a fixed route and splitting the laser off into another direction when properly positioned.

Overall Height

To ensure safety with teams we wanted to keep lasers away from the eyes as much as possible so a tower height under most people’s eye level was chosen.

Tower Design

Most of the inspiration for the design of the tower was chosen around the theme of laser tag. In most laser tag facilities, guns and vests are transparent and allow users to see the exposed circuitry and LED lights under the devices. The finished prototype can be sheets of acrylic with a similar design engraved and illuminated by LEDs. Or if no electronics want to be used the tower can be thermoformed out of one long sheet of plastic with this circuitry design engraved.


The mirror piece is held elevated away from the tower to show users that the main goal of the tower is to utilize the mirror piece to redirect the laser beam.

Handle Position

The handle was placed on the tower to show completeness, but the actual position has to be determined to match where users find it more comfortable and intuitive.