2.810 Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Fall 2019

Car Team F


Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 1:00pm - 2:30pm (Room 37-212)
Labs: Monday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday, 9am - 12pm (Room 35-125)
Professor: T.G. Gutowski
Units: 3-3-6
Grading: 30% Quiz 1, 30% Quiz 2, 30% Car Project, 10% Participation

This course is an introduction to manufacturing processes and manufacturing systems including assembly, machining, injection molding, casting, thermoforming, and more. Emphasis on the physics and randomness and how they influence quality, rate, cost, and flexibility. Attention to the relationship between the process and the system, and the process and part design. Project (in small groups) requires fabrication (and some design) of a product using several different processes (as listed above).


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