2.810 Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Course Goals

  1. Manufacturing Process Knowledge

    You will develop detailed process knowledge for 5 processes:

    • Manual Assembly
    • Machining
    • Injection Molding
    • Thermoforming
    • Casting

    Machines and tools for these processes, physics of the process, material behavior, procedures to run machines (actual hands on experience) including CAD/CAM/CNC. You will be able to write the process plan and set up the machine. Relate processes to the product (hardware artifact) and identify the major cost, rate, quality and flexibility issues for these processes. We will abstract this knowledge and introduce related processes so that you will be able to understand new unfamiliar processes quickly, and identify processes from part hardware. We will match products with processes for a production application and review of pros and cons of alternative processing strategies.

  2. Relationship Between These Processes and Design

    • Specific Design Knowledge
    • DFM Methodologies
    • Quality Issues

    You will develop preliminary knowledge to design parts for the five processes above. You will learn several DFM methodologies, you will learn the physical origins of many of the most common quality issues.

  3. Relationship Between Process and System

    • Attributes of Processes and Systems
    • Intro to Toyota Production System
    • Cell Design for Assembly and Machining
    • Redesign Part and Process for the System

    You will be able to do preliminary design of manufacturing cells and assess their performance.