Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can there (please) be a titanium option for the ring?

We're sorry,but no - we've asked the manufacturers and the response we received is that titanium is too hard to mold/form into rings. Titanium is not an option - though alternatives like celestrium and white gold will be available, as in past years.

Q: Will there be a woman on the ring?

Questions like this, and any other specific questions regarding the design, will not be answered by any member of the Ring Committee before Premiere. Please attend Ring Premiere on February 16th to see the design of your Brass Rat revealed.

Q: Why not let the people have a say? We should be able to vote!

The Ring Committee (or class council, in that case) could run a general discussion with the thousand members of our class about items we want on the ring. Considering, though, that it still takes our committee of twelve people six hours a week for over ten weeks to come to a consensus on a design... imagine the mayhem if we increased that number.

We welcome class input, but cannot open decisions up to the entire class for logistic and practical reasons - not to mention, it'd ruin the surprise at premiere if elements of the design were leaked beforehand!