The intended purpose of this website is to serve as a supplement to Dr. Shigeru Miyagawa's StarFestival. StarFestival is an interactive multimedia CD-ROM that teaches users about modern Japan and its cultural heritage. Various sites on StarFestival provide a brief exploration of traditional Japanese music, and one site in particular provides video of a woman singing while playing a shamisen (a traditional art form in Japan). The purpose of this site is to bring students up to "real time" by providing an in-depth discussion of modern popular music in Japan.

As is the case in the United States, a Japanese record store is likely to have a huge variety of styles of music. Discussing all the various styles is practically impossible, so the purpose of this site is simply to highlight the bands, styles, and genres most popular among the younger generations in Japan. This site provides information on the music filling the ranks of the Top 40 Charts in Japan or those that may have a significant following among Japanese youth without necessarily gaining such chart popularity.

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