A comprehensive list of the websites referenced (and used as sources of information for the creation of this website) in the "Genres" section:

Bonsai's Jpop Pages: Huge collection of Jpop and jrock pages on practically every artist/band imaginable.
Vivamusic.com: Diverse site with a very large collection of jpop information and music videos.
Tomobiki.com J-Pop/J-Rock Guide: Vibrant, informative site with biographical information on bands and sound samples.
The Birth of Japanese Pop Music: Interesting and informative article on the birth of kayokyoku, the Japanese word for pop music.
Top 40 Chart: The current top 40 singles in Japan, illustrating the mix of Japanese and Western artists.
Celebration of Visual Rock: Great site with information on five popular Visual Rock bands.
Visual Rock Art: A very fancy site on visual rock.
Visual Rock Dimension: Another very nicely made Visual Rock website.
TokyoPop.com article: Excellent article on Japanese Electronica.
Launch.com article: Another great article on Japanese pop/electronic music.
Japanese Electronica CDs: A selection of some of the newest Japanese Electronica CDs.
Skanime Nation: Website which provides information and links on Japanese ska music.
The Japanese Ska Page: Small, simple page with links to a large selection of Japanese ska bands.
The Japan Punk Project Home: Great site with tons of useful information on Japanese Punk.
In Dog We Trust: Website with tons of photographs of Japanese punk/hardcore bands.
J-Underground: Site with lots of information on Japanese punk and hardcore bands.


All images used on this site were taken from one of the sites listed above and are being used solely for educational purposes. If I have used an image from your website and you would prefer that I not, please contact me at theisen@mit.edu and I will remove the image immediately.

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