Concert Dress

For those of you new to the choir (and as a reminder to the rest), concert dress is FORMAL!!! Start looking for something to wear early. Information on what both women and men are expected to wear is below. If you have questions that are not answered by the information below, please ask our conductor.

Do NOT wear:

  • perfume
  • cologne
  • aftershave
  • any scented personal care item

as some people are allergic to such items. Do, however, wear deodorant and anti-perspirant.


Women are expected to wear:

  • black dress shoes
  • black pantyhose
  • LONG black skirt or black dress pants
  • black formal top with some sleeve (short or long, but not sleeveless)
  • no jewelry please!

Some stores with formal wear:

  • Express (Galleria, Copley)
  • Banana Republic (Galleria, Copley, Newbury St.)
  • H&M (Galleria, Downtown Crossing, Newbury St.)
  • Ann Taylor / Ann Taylor Loft (Galleria, Prudential, Newbury St.)
  • Macy's (Downtown Crossing)
  • Lord and Taylor (next to Prudential)
  • Talbots (Boylston St.)


Men are expected to wear:

  • black dress shoes (not sneakers)
  • black socks
  • black tuxedo (pants and jacket without tails)
  • black cumberbund
  • black bowtie
  • white tuxedo shirt

One convenient place you can go to purchase or rent a tuxedo is Keezer's, 140 River St., Cambridge (near Central Square).

Directions to Keezer's:

  • Walk North up Massachusetts Avenue to the Central Square T Stop. Magazine St., River St., and Western Ave. will be on your left at the traffic light; Prospect St. will be on your right.
  • Turn left onto River Street by walking past the bus-waiting area toward the red-brick church. You should keep the church just to your left as you walk past it.
  • Keezer's will be on your left about 5 blocks past the church (just past a triangular patch of grass). If you pass a traffic light, you've gone too far.