6.005 — Software Construction
Fall 2016

6.005: Software Construction

Fall 2016 · Course Staff · MW1-2:30 & F1 (32-123)


Fri Sep 30: Problem Set 1 beta reports

Beta grade reports and code reviews for ps1 are now available. As before:

  • To see your beta autograde report, go to Didit, follow the link to your psets/ps1 page, and click “beta” in the “Milestones” section.
  • To see your code reviews, go to Caesar and click on “ps1-beta” under “submitted assignments.”

In autograding, your implementations were tested against staff tests, and your tests were tested using correct and incorrect staff implementations.

The ps1 final deadline is Tuesday at 10pm. Make sure you address all your code review comments from humans or marked #important by Checkstyle. If you need a slack day, remember to request it on Caesar before the deadline.

Good work on a challenging problem set, and good luck on the final! Please ask questions on Piazza and visit lab or office hours.

Tue Sep 27: Problem Set 1 clarifications

Two additional clarifications have been added to the ps1 handout, problem 3:

  • In the spec for Mapping.findCategories(), the sentence A name or keyword should appear at most once… is explaining by example how case-insensitivity works in situations where a string should be unique. It is not a restriction on the overall contents of category­Keywords.
  • In the spec for Mapping.reduceDuplicates(), the requirement that all and only the POIs in points­Of­Interest appear exactly once… means that each entry in the input list must appear in the output, even for repeated or equal POI objects.

Please do not wait until the deadline to git push ps1 work to Athena. Instead, push as you go. It is your responsibility to read Didit’s feedback and fix compilation errors or testing failures before the deadline.

Spec-test-and-implement on!

Sun Sep 25: Problem Set 0 grades

Overall ps0 grades and grade reports are now available on Omnivore.

Your overall ps0 grade was calculated as:
40% × beta-autograde + 45% × final-autograde + 15% × manual-grade

To see your final autograde report, go to Didit, follow the link to your psets/ps0 page, and click “final” in the “Milestones” section.

Your manual grade was assigned by staff inspection of your personal art, personal art code, and your response to code reviews.

For clarifications about grading comments on ps0, please ask the staff member who made the comment. The graders’ usernames can be found in your grade report. Other questions about grading should be brought to instructor office hours.

Sat Sep 24: Tutorial on Java, testing, & specs

TAs will run a tutorial session about Java, testing, and specifications this Monday, September 26, 3-4pm in 36-144 and 7-8pm in 32-044.

Tutorials will generally include: reviewing in-class exercises or reading exercises, trying past quiz questions or additional reading-exercise-style questions, and answering your questions. Whenever a tutorial is at the same time as lab hours, the lab hours run concurrently as usual.

Visit the course calendar to see all scheduled office, lab, and tutorial hours.

Have a great weekend!

Sat Sep 24: Problem Set 1 clarifications

Two clarifications have been added to the ps1 handout:

  • The spec for Bounds.boundingBox() should include: A smallest bounding rectangle minimizes both latitude and longitude size.
  • In the spec for Mapping.findCategories(), replace String comparisons with them are case-insensitive with: Category names and keywords are case-insensitive (which makes it clear they are case-insensitive for all purposes in the spec).

These changes have been applied to the online Javadocs, and you are encouraged to update your own versions of Bounds.java and Mapping.java.