6.031 — Software Construction
Spring 2017

6.031: Software Construction

Spring 2017 · Course Staff · MWF11-12:30 (34-101)


Wed Dec 21: Project Phase 2 grades and final grades

Project phase 2 grades and feedback from your TA are now available on Omnivore, and final letter grades should be available soon on WebSIS.

Have a great summer!

Wed May 17: Project Phase 2 reflection due

Don’t forget to submit your individual reflection for project phase 2. It was due at 11am, but will be accepted for as long as the submission form is open.

Tue May 16: Project Phase 2 due and last class

Phase 2 of the group project is due tomorrow at 11am.

Tomorrow is the last 6.031 class of the semester. We will have a brief wrap-up and summary of the course.

Wed May 10: Quiz 2 grades

Quiz 2 grades are now available on Omnivore. You will receive an email from Gradescope with a link to review your graded quiz.

Quiz 2 solutions are posted on the web site.

As with all assignments, please bring grading issues or questions to instructor office hours. Gradescope has a “regrade request” feature, but we will not be using it.

Tue May 9: Problem Set 4 grades

Overall ps4 grades and grade reports are now available on Omnivore.

Your overall ps4 grade was calculated as:
40% × beta-autograde + 42% × final-autograde + 18% × manual-grade

To see your final autograde report, go to Didit, follow the link to your psets/ps4 page, and click “final” in the “Milestones” section.

Your manual grade was assigned by staff inspection of your specifications, tests, documentation, code, and your response to code reviews.

If you have questions, please see the FAQ about grading questions.