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6.033: Computer System Engineering - Spring 2000

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Notes for 2001:
1. There will be no 6.033 lab (6.906) in the spring of 2001. Take 6.894 in the fall of 2001 instead.

2. To comply with new faculty rules, we will have a final exam instead of the last quiz in the spring of 2001.

Current Assignment

None! Class is over, watch WebSIS for your grades.


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Quiz 3 solutions are available.

Chapter 9 is available from Neena's office.

A list of things to do after 6.033 is available -- start planning for next year, take some interesting classes!

May 8th's lecture on complex computer systems by Prof. Saltzer is available.

Old quiz 3 solutions is available. You can pick up copies from Neena's office if you did not pick one up at lecture.

The PowerPoint slides for Ed Crawley's lecture on complexity are (unfortunately) not available.


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