Spring 2006


Tutorial and Recitation Section Assignments

Look up your Recitation Assignment and your Tutorial Assignment.

Recitation Assignments

Recitation Section Time Location Recitation Instructor TA
R01 TR10 34-303 Sam Madden Hongyi Hu
R02 TR11 34-303 Sam Madden Rob Seater
R03 TR11 34-304 Martin Rinard Dan Ports
R04 TR12 34-304 Martin Rinard Rob Seater
R05 TR12 34-303 Michael Walfish Dan Ports
R06 TR1 34-303 Michael Walfish Keith Winstein
R07 TR1 34-304 Dina Katabi Hongyi Hu
R08 TR2 34-304 Dina Katabi Keith Winstein

Tutorial Assignments

The TA leading your tutorial will be the same TA who attends your recitation, although some of your classmates will differ.

Tutorial Section Location Time TA
T01 24-402 F1-2 Hongyi Hu
T02 26-168 F2-3 Hongyi Hu
T03 26-314 F1-2 Rob Seater
T04 26-328 F2-3 Rob Seater
T05 34-303 F1-2 Dan Ports
T06 36-155 F2-3 Dan Ports
T07 66-168 F1-2 Keith Winstein
T08 36-156 F2-3 Keith Winstein

Writing Graders

Each student will be graded by the same writing grader each time.

R01: Jane Abbott Connor  (jconnor@mit.EDU)
R02: Lydia Volaitis      (lydiav@mit.EDU)
R03: Karen Pepper        (kpepper@mit.edu)
R04: Mary Zoll           (mzoll@mit.edu)
R05: Don Unger           (donunger@mit.edu)
R06: Thalia Rubio        (trubio@mit.edu)
R07: Karen Boiko         (boiko@mit.edu)
R08: Hillary Joyce Scott

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