Spring 2014


Apr 10, 2014: Quiz 2 Solutions

Quiz 2 solutions can be found here.

Apr 10, 2014: Quiz 1 Solutions and DP2

You can find the quiz 1 solutions here.

Design project 2 is now released. Please read it over carefully before coming to tutorial tomorrow.

Mar 30, 2014: Quiz 1

Quiz 1 is on Friday at 2pm. Please attend 32-123 if your last name begins with A--M or Walker (50-340) if your last name begins with N--Z. See the FAQ for details on timing, the open notes policy, and past quizzes.

Feb 11, 2014: Design Project 1

Design Project 1 is now posted. There are three deliverables associated with it:

  1. A design memo, due on Feb 14, 2014 (11.59pm).
  2. A design proposal not exceeding 800 words, due on February 28, 2014 at 5pm.
  3. A design report not exceeding 2,500 words, due on March 21, 2014 at 5pm.

Feb 9, 2014: Paper Questions

There will be a set of paper questions associated with each 6.033 reading. Please answer these questions on paper (typed and printed is fine!) and turn them in at the beginning of recitation. Questions will usually be posted within two days before the corresponding recitation. Please check for the latest updates on the schedules page.

Feb 5, 2014: Important: Recitation and Tutorial Assignment

Recitation and tutorial assignment are now available online. Please check your assignment and email 6.033-tas ASAP if you have a schedule conflict.

Jan 29, 2014: Important: First Day of Class

6.033 begins on Tuesday February 4th with a recitation. Please look up the recitation section that the registrar assigned you to. Please consult this list to see where your section is taking place.

Please input your recitation and tutorial preferences for the rest of the semester. Please input your information by 4 pm on Wednesday February 6th. By 10pm on Wednesday February 6th (or sooner), we will assign a binding list of recitation assignments for the rest of the term, and post them to this page. This assignment will also tell you where to go for your first writing tutorial on Friday, February 7th.

In preparation for section, make sure to read the paper that is assigned for the first section; see the schedule page for all assignments. Throughout the term instructors will evaluate you on your effort to understand an assigned paper; start with making a positive impression.

Jan 16, 2014: Discussion, questions, feedback

6.033 uses Piazza for online discussions and questions. Please join the 6.033 class on Piazza. You will be able to ask questions, discuss problems, and provide anonymous feedback.

Dec 11, 2013: Textbook

6.033 will be using Saltzer and Kaashoek's Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction (Morgan Kaufmann 2009); the readings are required. You can get a copy at the MIT Coop.

Questions or comments regarding 6.033? Send e-mail to the 6.033 staff at or to the 6.033 TAs at .

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