Welcome to 6.131!

Staffed Lab Hours

We will post staffed lab hours here. Please see the Lab Hours page for times that the lab will be open.

Week of: December 7th
Sunday, December 7th 2-5 pm
Monday, December 8th 10am - 12n
Tuesday, December 9th 1-3 pm, 4-10 pm
Wednesday, December 10th Final Project Checkoffs!

If the lab is closed during lab hours, use the phone on the 6th floor and call the TA office (x3-1938) to be let in.

12/05 - Lab Open Saturday 12/06

Gim Hom and the 6.111 staff are opening the 38-600 lab from noon to 8pm on Saturday 12/06. The 6.131 staff won't be available, but you can catch up on your project.

11/02 - Quiz and Final Project

Remember that after Lab 4 checkoffs on Wednesday, November 5th, the Quiz will be held in lecture on Thursday. Bring a calculator and any materials you'd like to use - it's open book, but no computers, please. After that, get a head start on your final project! Revised proposals are due in lecture the following Wednesday, November 12th.

08/15 - Introduction

The Power Electronics Laboratory, 6.131, is a unique opportunity for you to design and build. Power electronic circuits are the backbone of almost every modern convenience. Automobiles, cell-phones, laptop and desktop computers, television sets, and kitchen appliances, among many other systems, require power electronics circuits to convert electrical energy to a useful form.

This class will teach you techniques for efficiently processing electrical energy into other forms. It will also give you experience in designing circuits and building and debugging your designs. Laboratory exercises include the construction of drive circuitry for an electric go-cart, flash strobes, computer power supplies, three-phase inverters for AC motors, and resonant drives for lamp ballasts and induction heating. Introduction to basic electric machines including DC, induction, and permanent magnet motors, with drive considerations. Students complete a sequence of assigned projects, followed by a final project of the student's choice, emphasizing creativity and uniqueness.

6.131 TA Mailing List

6.131 Staff and Students thank the following sponsors for their generous support of the course:

  • The Cambridge-MIT Institute
  • The Grainger Foundation
  • The Landsman Foundation
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Mr. Ron Koo
  • Analog Devices
  • National Semiconductor
  • Hewlett Packard / Agilent
  • Tektronix