Available Parts List

See us during office hours to obtain any of these parts. Our inventory is subject to change. This list is not exhaustive — see the staff for other options that may be available.

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Micrometal Cores

T80-52 Toroidal Core
T90-52 Toroidal Core
T106-52 Toroidal Core
T131-52 Toroidal Core
T157-52 Toroidal Core
T175-52 Toroidal Core
T225-52 Toroidal Core
T300-52 Toroidal Core
T400-52 Toroidal Core
E168-52 E Core
E225-52 E Core
E305-52 E Core

Ferroxcube Cores

3C90 Material Specification
P Cores "P Core specification"
P36/22-3C90-A1000 P Core
P30/19-3C90-A1000 P Core
P26/16-3C90-A630 P Core

Driver Chips

TC4426EPA-ND TC4426 Gate Driver


RFP40N10-ND 40N10 nmos 100V 40A
IRF9Z10-ND IRF9Z10 pmos -50V 4.7A
IRF1407-ND IRF1407 nmos 75V 130A
IRF740LCL-ND IRF740 nmos 400V 10A
IRF530PBF-ND IRF530 nmos 100V 14A, a generally useful substitute for the 40N10
IRF540A-ND IRF540A nmos 100V 28A, a generally useful substitute for the 40N10


2N4401-ND 2N4401
2N4403-ND 2N4403
P2N2222AOS-ND 2N2222

Film Capacitors

P4515-ND 0.015 uF
P4525-ND 0.01 uF
P4674-ND 0.82 uF
P4675-ND 1.0 uF

Ceramic Capacitors

1328PH-ND 15 pF
1333PH-ND 39 pF
1336PH-ND 68 pF
1340PH-ND 150 pF
1111PHCT-ND 270 pF
1007PHCT-ND 470 pF
1114PHCT-ND 680 pF
1116PHCT-ND 1000 pF

Electrolytic Capacitors

P5175-ND 2.2 uF
P5179-ND 22 uF
P5183-ND 220 uF
P5186-ND 1000 uF

High Voltage Capacitors

P1080-ND 0.068 uF 400V
P1078-ND 0.047 uF 400V
P1062-ND 0.0022 uF 400V
P1074-ND 0.022 uF 400V

Power Diodes


Signal Diodes

1N4148MSCT-ND Signal diode

Zener Diodes

1N4728ADICT-ND Zener 3.3V
1N4733ADICT-ND Zener 5.1V
1N4742ADICT-ND Zener 12V
1N4744ADICT-ND Zener 15V


POT10K 0-10K
POT20K 0-20K
POT100K 0-100K

IC Sockets

ED3108-ND 8-pin socket
ED3114-ND 14-pin socket
ED3118-ND 18-pin socket


SMAKN Alligator Clips
AE1268-ND Stereo audio jack pigtails
STH-401 40-Pin Header
CCE26T-ND Card edge connector


Wire 16 AWG magnet wire
Wire 18 AWG magnet wire
Wire 25 AWG magnet wire
HS373-ND Aavid Thermalloy 10 C/W Heat Sinks


H11F1-ND Optoisolator H11F1
152135 24VAC Wall Wart
MAC97A8OS-ND MAC97 Triacs