38-600 Lab Hours

6.131 TA hours are posted each week on the home page. What follows are the hours that the 38-600 lab and EDS (38-500) stockroom will be open.

General hours of operation for Fall 2019

Day Lab Stockroom
Sunday TBD closed
Monday TBD TBD
Tuesday TBD TBD
Wednesday TBD TBD
Thursday TBD TBD
Friday TBD TBD
Saturday closed closed

Note: If TA/LA lab hours are scheduled for times when the lab is closed, use the phone outside the door and call the TA office (x3-1938) to be let in.

Holidays and Exceptions (2019) TBD

Date Note
Sun, Oct. 13 Closed
Mon, Oct. 14 Closed
Tue, Oct. 15 Student holiday
Sun, Nov. 10 Closed
Mon, Nov. 11 Veteran's Day
Wed, Nov. 27 Thanksgiving break
Thu, Nov. 28 Thanksgiving break
Fri, Nov. 29 Thanksgiving break
Sat, Nov. 30 Thanksgiving break