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MIT Physics 8.02 - Electricity & Magnetism

SECTION : Electrostatics          

SUBJECT: Colliding Lattices  
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Colliding Lattices simulates the interaction of charged particles in two dimensions. The particles interact via the classical Coulomb force, as well as the repulsive quantum-mechanical Pauli force, which acts at close distances (accounting for the "collisions" between them). Additionally, the motion of the particles is damped by a term proportional to their velocity, allowing them to "settle down" into stable (or meta-stable) states.

In this program, you can observe the results of a collision between two rectangular lattices of variable dimensions and initial velocities. After selecting a dimension, position, and velocity for each, click the "Start" button to run the simulation. Depending on your initial conditions, the two lattices may combine in to one larger lattice, or perhaps some more exotic formation. Experiment with various values and see what happens, although note that collisions above a certain speed will likely cause the particles to annihilate! The simulation is fully interactive, so feel free to manipulate the particles as they evolve.

New feature: Selecting a particle and pressing "f" will toggle fieldlines illustrating the local field around that particle. Performance varies depending on the number of particles / fieldlines in the simulation.



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NOTE: You will need the Macromedia Shockwave Plugin to view this simulation. If you do not already have it, it will be downloaded automatically if you are connected to the Internet.