OLYMPUS SeeVogh Meetings

We have created a permanent SeeVogh meeting site based at DESY. This will be used for all regular OLYMPUS Meetings. It can also be used for informal meetings as necessary.

Instructions for the OLYMPUS Seevogh meeting are available here including information on connecting by phone.

Weekly Meetings

Starting 8 March, 2011 we will hold weekly OLYMPUS meetings using SeeVogh (see above). The meetings will normally be held every Tuesday at 16:00 Hamburg time. The purpose of these meetings will be to briefly review the status of all components plus have one or two special presentations on topics of current interest. The whole meeting should not be longer than one hour in duration.

Copies of the presentations from the weekly meetings are available here under each date or on the Wiki Weekly Meeting Page

Special Meetings

Discussions on the radiative corrections necessary for analysing the data for electron/positron elastic scattering from protons can be found here.

Collaboration Meetings

The next meeting will be held at DESY on Thursday and Friday, 12-13 April, 2012.

Here you should find a list of the meetings for the OLYMPUS experiment together with links to presentations where possible. Please also check the Wiki page for presentations uploaded there which were not sent to the web page.