This page should provide links to main OLYMPUS presentations.

One can also find presentations, particularly for the weekly and smaller, specialised meetings on the OLYMPUS Wiki page.

The presentations here are organised into sections depending on whether they were given at OLYMPUS collaboration meetings, at PRC or review meetings, or at conferences or seminars.

OLYMPUS Collaboration Meetings

Here you find links to presentations made during the various OLYMPUS collaboration meetings.

PRC and Review Presentations

Here you find links to presentations made during the various PRC or other meetings reviewing the OLYMPUS experiment and initial proposal.

Presentations at Conferences or Seminars

The following are presentations made at conferences or seminars by members of the OLYMPUS collaboration on topics related to the OLYMPUS experiment, detector, or physics.

The list is in reverse chronological order with the most recent events at the top.

Note this list includes future conferences together with the proposed speaker. Collaboration members planning to talk at conferences or seminars should notify the OLYMPUS management board in advance and provide a brief outline of their proposed talk. In some circumstances the material in the talk may require approval in advance (i.e. if there is a significant physics result to be shown).