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SMA with its pool of resources and talents from both sides of the world - Singapore and MIT - is one of the most exciting educational programmes in the world. I feel very privileged to have been selected for this programme and undergo this unique experience. The Summer Conference programme at MIT was really a great and enriching experience. It provided a lot of international exposure and interaction with industrial leaders. The SMA programme has broadened my horizon and equipped me with life-long professional skills as well as an innovative entrepreneurial spirit.
Edi Anto, AMM&NS, S.M. 2003
Being part of the SMA family is a wonderful experience. We struggle but learn together as well along the way. Collaboration is the key to success. SMA has done it, with the global collaboration between MIT, NUS and NTU.
Tan Lian Hing, HPCES, S.M. 2003
SMA has been a thrilling experience! It has been a perfect rendezvous for allowing seamless amalgamation and evolution of a plethora of cross disciplinary ideas. With such an encyclopedic and erudite experience, I feel well poised to embark on a very satisfying professional career!
Ashish Maskara, IMST, S.M. 2003
My experience at SMA has been very valuable and will no doubt prepare me well for my future career. In terms of academic knowledge, SMA has exposed me to sufficient breadth of the different perspectives of engineering and science. More importantly, SMA has provided me with a chance to learn how to critically assess and be creative in real-life applications through projects and intellectual interaction with the professors and fellow coursemates.
Akasta Sinaga, MEBCS, S.M. 2003
An MIT professor once asked us if we ever regretted joining the programme. I shook my head without a second thought. The courses are indeed tough yet I find them intellectually stimulating. I took on the challenge and found that I am able to accomplish things and cope with difficulties. I thought I was not able to. I will not forget the wonderful people I have met through the programme - the students, teachers and administrative staff.
Cheng Xiaoyi, CS, S.M. 2003
The SMA programme has provided me with the opportunity to participate in research work in collaboration with students and faculty from MIT. It is indeed an eye-opener to be able to work with some of the brightest minds in a world-renowned institution.
Leong Hoi Liong, AMM&NS, Ph.D. 2003
SMA offers me a great environment for my academic research because it combines the talents from NUS, NTU and MIT. I will take full advantage of the resources of SMA and I believe that I will become a well-disciplined and creative researcher.
Yu Bei, CS, Ph.D. 2003
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