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Book Cover
Designed by: Stefan Andrei
Research Fellow, Computer Science programme

The underlying theme for this year's cover design is 'Global Linkages'. The design is a representation of the enduring alliance between MIT, NUS and NTU and the positioning of SMA within the global information era. The design comprises three distinct features that seek to emphasise its theme.

The left tri-colour band is constituted of three colours with orange for NUS, red for MIT and blue for NTU. The alliance is further reinforced as each colour is superimposed with images of the three alliance universities.

The centrepiece illustrates the components of SMA. The alliance is built upon the robust relationship between Singapore and the United States, both of equal importance as depicted by the similar sizes of both countries in the design, converging towards the SMA logo.

The last component is SMA's statement of aim at the top right. The globeforms a background and frame around it, bringing forth the message of collaboration, creativity and which excitement surrounds SMA.
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