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MIT Club of Singapore

The MIT Club of Singapore provides an avenue for interaction and collaboration between SMA students, Alumni and Fellows. It organises social events and forums throughout the year, giving professionals and entrepreneurs a chance to create networking ties. It provides a valuable forum for students and SMA professors alike to learn more about the actual working experiences of these professionals. The Club also shares SMA’s aims of creating a research hub of talented students and to develop new and dynamic engines of growth by nurturing innovators.

The MIT Club of Singapore offers affordable membership rates to students and alumni to enjoy many of the Club’s privileges. In addition to that, the Club has contributed to student book prizes for the past few years.


SMA and the SMA Alumni Club (SMAAC) jointly organised the SMA Innovation Seminar on 30 August 2003 at the NUS Engineering Auditorium. Dr Gang Zou and Mr Howard Tam from Applied Materials and 3M respectively shared their experiences and knowledge on innovation with SMA students and alumni as well as postgraduate students from the Engineering, Science and Computer Science faculties of NUS. This was followed by a dialogue session where informal exchanges took place.

Since 2000, an annual gala dinner, jointly organised by SMA and the Club, has been held in conjunction with the SMA Annual Symposium. The event has been well attended by the faculty,
students and alumni of MIT and SMA. It has featured significant keynote addresses and speeches by MIT speakers, including President Charles Vest, Provost Robert Brown, Professor Daniel Wang, Professor Richard Schmalensee and Professor Thomas Magnanti.



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SMA students performing at the Gala Dinner
The fifth MIT-SMA Gala Dinner at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore with Guest-of-Honour Dr Tony Tan, Deputy Prime Minister and Co-ordinating Minister for Security and Defence
SMA Innovation Seminar