Sustainable Design Lab @ MIT

Accelerad - Daylighting Simulation on the GPU

Daylighting Handbook I

The Daylighting Handbook Volume I is out.

Tarek Rakha

Tarek Rakha gives a TEDxTalk in Cairo on human-powered transportation


umi - The Urban Modeling Interface

Lower Roxbury

Development of an energy retrofitting and walkability concept for an old Boston neighborhood.

Glare Analysis

Glare Analysis of Daylit Spaces - Recommendations for Practice.

Urban Microclimate

Urban Microclimate - Designing with the urban heat island effect

Welcome to the Sustainable Design Lab at MIT. Our lab is part of the Building Technology Program at the Department of Architecture at MIT. Our mission is to produce high quality fundamental and applied research that facilitates the design of resource-efficient and comfortable environments at the building and neighborhood scale.

Our goal is to change current architectural practice by developing, validating and testing design workflows and performance metrics that lead to improved design solutions as far as occupant comfort and building energy use are concerned. The premise of our work is that a more informed design process will lead to better design choices and ultimately better performing buildings.

Founded in January 2012, the Sustainable Design Lab originally grew out of the G(SD)2 Research Initiative at Harvard which was initiated and led by Christoph Reinhart before his transition to MIT.